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Uji (Kyoto Prefecture)

Ifd like to recommend you to come to Uji City that is promoting gthe city of The Tale of Genji.h In Uji, there are a lot of temples and villas built in the Heian Period, like Byodo-in Temple. Written by Murasakishikibu, a court woman, The Tale of Genji condenses the flavor and sense of Uji in the Heian Period in volumes called gUji-Jujoh. Byodo-in Temple is one of the few existing buildings from the Heian Period. Itfs a World Heritage. The Uji River and Tale of Genji Walk are also worth visiting.


How to get there - By trainHow to get there - By bus
From Osaka
JR Osaka Station (Kyoto Line, New Rapid Service) Kyoto Station c Approx. 27 min
JR Kyoto Station (Nara Line, Rapid Service) Uji Station c Approx. 15 min
Yodoyabashi Station (Keihan Main Line, Limited Express Service) Chushojima Station c Approx. 35 min
Chushojima Station (Keihan Uji Line, Local Service) Uji Station c Approx. 15 min
From Kansai International Airport
Limousine bus c Approx. 2 hr

Approx. 10 min From Oyamazaki IC of the Keiji bipas to Uji-nishi IC


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1.JR Uji Station
2.Uji Bridge
This is the oldest bridge in Japan and the symbol of Uji.
3.Hoshokan Museum, Byodo-in Temple
Originally built as a second home for an aristocratic family of the Heian Period, it became known as gByodo-inh after being converted to a temple.
4.Uji-Jujo Monument
Representing the various chapters of The Tale of Genji.
5.Uji-jinja Shrine
Built in the early Kamakura period, the main hall features triple chamber architecture and a thatched roof made of pine bark.
6.Ujigami-jinja Shrine
Ujigami-jinja Shrine is the oldest shrine in Japan and, like Byodo-in Temple, registered as a World Heritage.
7.The Tale of Genji Museum
The museum is an excellent place for learning enjoyably about the Heian culture.
8.Mimuroto-ji Temple
Mimuroto-ji Temple is the 10th of 33 places of worship on the Pilgrimage to Saigoku.
9.Keihan Uji Station