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Asuka Village (Nara Prefecture)

Asuka village was the center of Japan around the 5th century. Buddhism was brought there and developed. There are historic sites of the Court, temples, ancient tombs, buried cultural assets, and important historical cultural heritages such as mountains, rivers, and so on that are mentioned in the gManyoshu (poetic anthology).h You can enjoy the characteristic historical atmosphere of thousands years ago.


How to get there - By trainHow to get there - By car
From Osaka
Change to the Kintetsu Yoshino Line at Osaka-Abenobashi Station and get off at Asuka Station. Limited Express: Approx. 40 min, Express: Approx. 45 min.
From Osaka
Take Natfl Rt. 24 south towards Kashihara from the Yamato Koriyama IC of the Nishimeihan Expressway. Take Natfl Rt. 169 south from Kashihara. (Approx. 60 min from Yamato Koriyama IC)


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1.Kintetsu Asuka Station
2.Takamatsuzuka Tumulus & Mural Hall
This burial mound is estimated to be from the 7th - 8th century.
3.Oni no Manaita and Oni no Secchin
These carved stones get their names from their shapes.
4.Kame-ishi Stone
5.Tachibana-dera Temple
6.Ishibutai Tumulus
This keyhole-shaped burial mound has a stone chamber accessible from the side.
7.Sakafuneishi and Kamegataishi Stones
8.Manyo Museum
9.Asuka-dera Temple
This was the first authentic Buddhist temple ever built in Japan.
10.Mizuochi Historical Site
Prince Naka no Oe, who later would become Emperor Tenchi, made Japanfs first-ever clock.
11.Amakashi Hill
12.Kintetsu Kashiharajingu-mae Station