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Visiting a neighborhood known for its pristine water

Fushimi-ku in Kyoto is crossed by the Katsura and Uji Rivers, all of which are important waterways. The area developed long ago as a base for inland transportation on water when it was known as the Port of Fushimi. It is also known for its ample delicious tasting water resources, which have been tapped to brew sake, a representative industry of the area.
The cityscape of the old fiefdoms, temple towns and port can be seen today with shrines, temples, breweries and numerous historic sites. Another great feature of the area is that festivals and traditional events are still being practiced.


1.Keihan Fushimi-momoyama Station
2.Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum
Fushimi is also known as a town of sake brewers.
3.Teradaya Inn
This inn was frequented by loyalist soldiers of the Satsuma Clan at the end of the Edo Period.
4.Keihan Chushojima Station