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Sakurai City (Nara Prefecture)

Yamonobenomichi is good for hiking. It is the oldest trail recorded in Japan.
It is about 20 kilometers from Asuka to Nara.
This unspoiled trail is great for a leisurely idyllic stroll through the past, as it takes you by temples, shrines and tumuli.


How to get there - By trainHow to get there - By car
From Osaka
Take the JR Loop Line from JR Osaka Station to Tsuruhashi Station … Approx. 15 min.
Change to the Kintetsu Osaka Line and get off at Sakurai Station … Approx. 39 min.
Take the Kintetsu Osaka Line from Osaka-Uehonmathi to Sakurai … Approx. 43 min.
Approx. 20 min from the Tenri IC on the Nishimeihan Expressway


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1.JR/Kintetsu Sakurai Station
2.Monument to the Start of Buddhism in Japan
A 3.8m high stone inscribed with an epitaph marking the start of Buddhism in Japan stands on a levee in the Kanaya Riverside Park.
3.Tsubaichi Kannon-doTemple
This temple marks the oldest borough in Japan.
4.Kanaya Stone Buddhas
5.Byodo-ji Temple
6.Omiwa-jinja Shrine
Besides being one of the oldest shrines in Japan, Omiwa-jinja Shrine reveres Mt. Miwa as a guardian.
7.Genpin-an Monastery
t is said that this monastery is where the Heian Period monk Genpin retired.
8.Hibara-jinja Shrine
This shrine is an extension of Omiwa-jinja Shrine.
9.Kurozuka Tumulus
This keyhole-shaped tumulus is located in Yanagimoto-cho, Tenri.
10.JR Yanagimoto Station