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Recommended half-day course to Tekijuku and Nakanoshima

There are a number of retro-looking buildings in the Nakanoshima and Kitahama area. A lot of very interesting episodes unfolded here as Osaka modernized from the Meiji Period to the Taisho and Showa Eras. During the Edo Period when Osaka was considered a gculinary paradiseh, the area was known as Hachikenyahama because of the numerous inns for mariners in Tenmabashi. It thrived not only as the starting point for the Kumano pilgrimages but also as a key location for marine transport along the Yodo River between Kyoto and Osaka.



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1.Keihan/subway Yodoyabashi Station
2.Osaka City Hall
The carvings and stained glass from the original Osaka City Hall that was built in 1921 decorate the lobby of the current city hall.
3.Osaka Branch, Bank of Japan
This western-style building is made of brick and stone, and has a beautiful green rust dome.
4.Yodoya Residence Site
A yodoya was a large residence of some 10,000 tsubo (approx. 33,000 m2), owned by a wealthy merchant.
5.Osaka Club
The Oriental touches to this Southern European-style building gives it a unique look.
6.Osaka Gas Building
Completed in the early Showa Era, it was said to be the most modern and beautiful building in Osaka.
7.Cotton Trade Building
The brown sedate exterior is obviously influenced by American Beaux Arts architecture.
8.Ikoma Building
This art deco building was built in 1930 to house the watch store of Ikoma Co., Ltd.
9.Koraibashi-Nomura Building
The building is decorated with eaves tiles and motives of the moon and bamboo for front entrance.
10.Osaka Stock Exchange
The cylindrical entrance hall has a symbolic presence in Kitahama.
11.Kitahama Retro Building
Facing on to the Tosabori River and Tosabori-dori Street, the building is an important piece of the cityscape on both sides.
12.Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka
The permanent collection has some 1,300 pieces centered on Chinese and Korean ceramics.
13.Osaka Central Public Hall
This grandiose building with its Baroque architecture has Neo Renaissance touches.
Tekijuku was a private school opened in Senba, Osaka in the late Edo Period by Koan Ogata, who was known as a western scholar and physician, to teach about the West.
15.Keihan/subway Yodoyabashi Station