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Touring an old castle town in the moonlight (Hikone, Shiga)

Endowed with a wondrous natural environment in Lake Biwa and the Suzuka Mountain Range, Hikone has been heavily tinged with history and culture from its day as a castle town of the Edo Period to the present day. Towering over the city is Hikone-jo Castle known as one of the 8 scenic sites on Lake Biwa because of its beauty in the moonlight. The area around the castle is a mixture of old and new elements such as the Yumekyobashi Castle Road that leads to the castle entrance and 4-Bancho Square that brings to life the romance of the Taisho Era


By trainBy car
Take the JR New Rapid Service from Osaka Station … Approx. 75 min. Approx. 102 km from the Suita IC of the Meishin Expressway
Approx. 88 km from the Nagoya IC of the Meishin Expressway


1.JR Hikone Station
2.Hikone-jo Castle
Known as one of the 8 scenic sites on Lake Biwa because of its beauty in the moonlight and built with 350,000 stones, Hikone-jo Castle was the home of the Ii Clan who ruled over Hikone.
3.Genkyu-en Garden, Rakuraku-en Garden
These gardens were built by Naooki Ii, the 4th generation lord of the castle.
4.Hikone Castle Museum
The museum was built to resemble the administrative offices that served the castle.
This is the residence where the Steward Naosuke Ii lived from when he was 17 until becoming the castle lord at the age of 32.
6.Yumekyobashi Castle Road
Yumekyobashi Castle Road recreates the streetscape of the Edo Period when Hikone prospered as a castle town, with merchant homes characterized by latticed windows and white walls.
7.4-Bancho Square
The concept for the streetscape of 4-Bancho Square was "romance of the Taisho Era". It emanates a new yet nostalgic feeling with buildings sharing a unified modern look on an orange base, gas lanterns in the square and Buddhist statues here and there "wishing all a safe and pleasant journey".
8.JR Hikone Station