• Nachikatsuura Town, Wakayama Prefecture/Daimonzaka

  • Ise City,Mie Prefecture/Oharaimachi

  • Oumihachiman City,Shiga Prefecture/Wetland Boat Tours

  • Fukui City,Fukui Prefecture/Ichijodani Asakura Clan Ruins

  • Kyoto City,Kyoto Prefecture/Nanzen-ji Temple ・Suirokaku (a high-rise waterway red brick structure)

  • Yoshino Town,Nara Prefecture/ Mt.Yoshino

  • Osaka City,Osaka Prefecture/Osaka City Centoral Public Hall

  • Himeji City,Hyogo Prefecture/Shosazan Enkyoji Temple

Take a Journey Through Time and Space.


World heritage route of Japan

While the Rekishi Kaido passes through scenes of eternal relevance in the history of Japan, it is also a new route which enables people to experience at first hand the charms of Japan’s history and culture.

Main route

Welcome to Rekishi kaido

Let’s begin an exciting trip transcending time-space boundaries.