Time macine de GO!

"Time machine de Go!" will bring you to the trip of Japanese history from many angles. Let's board the Time tripper and start "Time machine de Go!" after reading the following instructions.

Operating instruction

"Time machine de Go!" uses Macromedia® FlashTMsoftware. Please enjoy after downloading the Macromedia Flash Player in order to use your browser.
 Internet Explore 4.5 Macintosh version, after downloading version 5.0.

1 To set the zone click on the zone name or click and drag the lever to the desired zone.
2 To set the theme click on the theme name. Select from the following thermes Building, Historical Sites and Sightseeing, Festivals and Shows, People in History, kink routes, and Museums.
3 Click here to display the "Rekishikaido" maps will be displayed.
4 Set the zone and theme, click on the OK button and the first photograph will be displayed in the center of the screen.
5 Click on the library button and the doors open to display the heading catalog. To shut the doors click again.
6 The library catalog always the last zone or theme that was set. For example when the Heian Muromachi Zone and the buildings theme are selected; if the Buildings Theme is the last thing that was clicked on then the Buildings Catalog is displayed; but in the Heian Muromachi Zone is the last thing that was clicked on then the Heian Muromachi Catalog is displayed. When the number of heading in a catalog do not fit in the display window view then by operating the scroll bar slide button. Click on a heading name to display its photograph in the center of the screen.
7 Click the "OK" for a detailed explanation of the photograph on display. Please refer to the next page for information on other operations.
8 Click here to display the previous heading
Click here to display the next heading
9 Click the Quit button to finish this movie.

10 Click the spaceship button to return to the first screen.
11 This area lights up when the displayed heading has a linked heading. To view a linked heading click on it.
12 This is the sound button. Click here to turn the narration voice on and off.
13 This button lights up when the displayed heading has a video clip. Click here and the video clip will start to playback.
14 Click here to view your location. Click again and the map disappears.
15 Through the headings displayed on the chronological table the events and circumstances before and after each period on Japanese history can be viewed. To close the chronological table, click on the chronological table once more.