FUji (Tale of Genji), Fushimi and Yamazaki

Introduced here are ten single-day gWorld Heritage and Historic Byway Study Toursh within a wide radius of the Kansai that visitors from Japan and abroad can select, enjoy and report to friends about after returning home. There are numerous historical and cultural resources to see and the passions of the surrounding areas that have handed them down over the ages to experience. We want to show you what makes these areas so interesting via a variety of themes like gancient adventuresh, gexquisite architectural beautyh and gtraditional industriesh. This new form of travel is being proposed by Rekishi-kaido

Because of its scenic landscape, Uji thrived in the Heian Period as a resort of vacation villas for the aristocracy. Evidence thereof is found in Byodo-in Temple, which has been registered as a World Heritage. The area is also known as the setting for The Tale of Genji. On this course, you can enjoy another World Heritage in Ujigami-jinja Shrine and, for tea aficionados, there is tea-making to experience at the Fukujuen Ujikobo.
In Fushimi, an area known for sake brewing, you can see the process of sake brewing through exhibits at the Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum.
And, the view of the convergence point of the Katsura, Uji and Kizu Rivers is fantastic from Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art where works by Kanjiro Kawai and Claude Monet are on display.

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Byodo-n templeUjigami Shrine

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The Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum

Asahi beer Oyamazaki villa Museum of Art

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