CAtago-kaido Byway (Toriimoto) and Arashiyama Hanatoro

ntroduced here are ten single-day gWorld Heritage and Historic Byway Study Toursh within a wide radius of the Kansai that visitors from Japan and abroad can select, enjoy and report to friends about after returning home. There are numerous historical and cultural resources to see and the passions of the surrounding areas that have handed them down over the ages to experience. We want to show you what makes these areas so interesting via a variety of themes like gancient adventuresh, gexquisite architectural beautyh and gtraditional industriesh. This new form of travel is being proposed by Rekishi-kaido

Along the Atago-kaido Byway are found thatched-roof homes and one of the Shinto arches that light up the summer evening skies of Kyoto as part of the five mountain bonfires originally intended to send the spirits of lost persons to heaven.
Moreover, it is a subtle and profound world with stone Buddha statues and arhats in places such as Adashinonenbutsu-ji Temple.
A stroll along the Arashiyama Hanato-ro Course takes you to Tenryu-ji Temple, shrines and typical streetscapes of Kyoto connected by beautifully lit-up flowers and fields to create the aura of Japanese sentiment. The area has become a new attraction in Kyoto.

JRSaga-Arashiyama station
Atago Nenbutsuji Temple

the Ichi-no-tori of the Atago shrine

Saga-arashiyama area

Adashino-nenbutuji TempleEEE

Nison-in TempleEEE

Tenryuji Temple EEE Nonomiya Shrine

Every winter(about 10days in December), the Arashiyama Hanatouro will be held in the illuminated Arashiyama, Sagano and Daikakuji areas and will see exhibitions of Japanese flower arrangement as well as some of the temples remaining open into the night.

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