BYamanobe Trail into the adventures of ancient Yamato(Nara)

Introduced here are ten single-day “World Heritage and Historic Byway Study Tours” within a wide radius of the Kansai that visitors from Japan and abroad can select, enjoy and report to friends about after returning home. There are numerous historical and cultural resources to see and the passions of the surrounding areas that have handed them down over the ages to experience. We want to show you what makes these areas so interesting via a variety of themes like “ancient adventures”, “exquisite architectural beauty” and “traditional industries”. This new form of travel is being proposed by Rekishi-kaido

The Yamanobe Trail was Japan’s first public byway. Along the some 35 km it stretches from Nara to Sakurai are found the Tumulus of the Emperor Sujin, the Makimuku Settlement Site, Chogaku-ji Temple, Hibara-jinja Shrine, Omiwa-jinja Shrine and numerous other temples, shrines, burial mounds and historical sites.
This course has you roaming through numerous wonderland landscapes of Yamato recounted even in the Manyo Versus, as you pursue information on excavations of the Hashihaka-kofun Tumulus and other sites that conceal the enigma of the Yamato Dynasty.

JRMiwa station 

Sakurai Municipal Buried Cultural Assets Center

<Yamanobe-no-michi trail>

 Kanaya stone buddha・・・Byoudoji Temple

 ・・・Omiya-jinja Shrine・・・


 ・・・Omiwa-no-Mori observation point
 ・・・Genpinan Hermitage・・・Hibara jinja Shrine

 ・・・Tomb of Emperor Keiko・・・ Tomb of Emperor Sujin

 ・・・Kurotsuka Burial Mound

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