ATotsu Asuka and Chikatsu Asuka

Introduced here are ten single-day gWorld Heritage and Historic Byway Study Toursh within a wide radius of the Kansai that visitors from Japan and abroad can select, enjoy and report to friends about after returning home. There are numerous historical and cultural resources to see and the passions of the surrounding areas that have handed them down over the ages to experience. We want to show you what makes these areas so interesting via a variety of themes like gancient adventuresh, gexquisite architectural beautyh and gtraditional industriesh. This new form of travel is being proposed by Rekishi-kaido

Asuka thrived at the heart of the Yamato Dynasty that united the area in the 4th - 5th centuries under a modern state.
Come the 6th century, connections with the mainland strengthened and the Soga Clan exerted its power over the area because of their relations with naturalized citizens.
Japan embarked on a path to a centralized government on the opportunities presented by the Taika Reforms that took place in Asuka in 645. This course takes you to Totsu Asuka nearer to Nara and Chikatsu Asuka nearer to Osaka where numerous episodes of Japanese history were written.
Totsu Asuka is the area centered around Asuka-mura in Takaichi-gun, Nara, whereas Chikatsu Asuka is the area centered around Habikino, Osaka.

Kintetus-asuka station

Totsu Asuka
Asuka Historical National Government ParkEEETakamatsuzuka Tumulus

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Tikatsu Asuka

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