Ninjas were shadowy presences in the backstage of history.  They tend to be thought of as ingenious martial arts experts with mysterious skills.  In reality gninjah refers to a method of discipline which aimed to perfect its practitioners mentally, technically and physically.

In Iga and Koka, two famous ninja towns, there are museums and practice centers where you can try out the ninja discipline for yourself.

Iga Ninja@‚—‚…‚‚‚“‚‰‚”‚…@¨


Iga Ninja House

A ninja house complete with secret doors and other tricks has been reproduced exactly as it was when ninjas lived there.

Ninja Tradition Museum
@The museum exhibits rules, codes and tricks
Ninja Square
@Here you can imagine you really are an Iga ninja and practice some ninja techniques.
Ninja Practice Center
@As well as housing some 400 exhibits showing the actual tools of the Ninja trade.

Koga no sato -- Ninja Village

A broad area with various facilities including a museum, a ninja house and a knife-throwing dojo to let you experience the world of the ninja.

Koga Ninja House

A Ninja house from the Genroku era (1680-1709) of the Edo Period has been preserved and is open to the public.