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"Q{yy-{pzt" - ~rz }p, |ut {} }w~ uy y~uu~uzyu }up, rxp~~u ru{rz ~{z yyuz, y ~p|pty prp~yu} ~{z {|.
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P {~}yu{z }~y pz~ Kp~pz r|u rz r `~yy x~z; xtu p|wu~ p{yu yyu{yu stp, {p{ Ky, Npp, Op{p, Kq y t. y {~u~yu q|u |ry~ ~py~p|~ {ry p~. P} us }w~ ~pxrp "{ry~yuz yyy y {|".
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D| ur|u~y z u|y stp pz~p, t~yp ts ts}, rt p{yu }uyy, {p{ {~u r qttyz{y y y~y{y p}p, "uut~u p||y" yyu{y} }up} y t. B tu y }uyyz }w~ ~uutru~~ y{pp yyuz y {|z pz~p. K}u s, y|x ru ryt RMI ~u |{ r~y p~, ~ y r ru} }yu, } y{ rupu} y~uu~u p~y yyy y prpu|~u ptyyy, yyu `~yy.

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B {~u~} uu } y} xtp s}~z "u}pyu{yz p{", rprpyz yyu{yu }up. B } "p{u" r ur uut } xtpu} tqrp y y~ p}u, p p{wu ut|pspu} u{p~u uxt{y, r ru} { ru} yp} }w~ ~p r{z }y~p|~z r|~u tr|ury ru y~u||u{p|~u |qr. D| ur|u~y z u|y p}pyrpu ytu xtp~y y~uu~s p~rp: ~ru p~~u utrp, ~p { }w~ uutrysp y~uu}, r } y|u uu{yr~u prq; }xuy y }~}u~ r {puru ~r y}r|r pz~p y .t.

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^u{yr~ q|pspyrp pz~, } ppu}, p~ pu t t}r y u~~ yt~ ut, xtp p}u, rur yyu{} p{ "Q{yy-{pzt". I r ur uut u}y} xtp |ry, q|psy~u t| wyx~y }u~ wyu|uz y utpr|yu y} tr~ qsp wyx~.

Mp yyu{s p{p "Q{yy-{pzt"
B p}{p u{p "Q{yy-{pzt" utu| s|pr~z }p, {} }w~ uy yyu{yu }up r ~|syu{z |utrpu|~y y rx~y{~ru~y, y 8 u}pyu{y }pr yyu{y} }up} {~{u~z }u~y.

"Time machine de Go!" will bring you to the trip of Japanese history from many angles. Let's board the Time tripper and start "Time machine de Go!" after reading the following instructions.