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Thema area Koya

Mt.Koya is the sacred site centered around Kongobu-ji Temple funded in 816 by the Higeh Priest Kukai as the principle site for moutain asceticism, the severe forms of self-discipline practiced by the Shingon sect of esoteric Buddhism, which Kukai brought to Japan from China.
There are many temples in the moutains, and in the Okuno-in area, tombstones of every era, including those of famous historical figures.

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Mt. Kouya is a site near Osaka. It takes 90 min. to go there by Nankai special express and cable car from Nanba. B est to check the time of special express because they don't run very often. It's possible to go and return in a day, however, it's difficult to visit many places. We recommend you to stay one day. Please call Mt. Kouya sightseeing information to get information about the hotels.

Tyoishi-Michi:It is the route about 15 kilometers from Jisonin which is at the foot of Mt. Kudo to Okunoin. When Kobo Daishi found Mt.Koya, he ordered to build a pagoda as a road sign.

Kongobuji Temple
It is the head temple of 123 Buddhist sects in Mt. Kouya, the holy place of Shingon esoteric Buddhism. Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered the building of the temple in order to mourn his mother. The temple has of some buildings such as Shiden, Okuden, Betsuden, Shinbetsuden. There are pictures on sliding screens drawn by Kanou Motonobu and Tanyu in the main building.You should get on the cable car at Gokurakubashi Station (Nankai Kouya Line). Then you should get on the bus at Kouyasan.

Reiho Kan Museum
Mt. Kouya has a long history, about 1200 years. It has more than 20,000 national treasures and important cultural properties. It exhibits the essence of Buddhist arts such as statues of Buddha, industrial arts, and so on.

It is the center of the religion that worships Koubo Daishi. It has Gobyo, Touroudo, and Kyozo. The old tombstones stand along the front approach that is surrounded by a cluster of cedars.