This museum puts on display the antiquities collected by Etsuzo Tatsuna, the 3rd generation brewer of Hakutaka, and the works by Tessai Tomioka that he inherited from his grandfather Eso. There are seasonal exhibits organized independently in spring, summer and autumn rather than a permanent exhibit. Nearby is Shukugawa Park, which is known for its cherry blossoms, and a short distance away on foot are other area attractions including the Nishinomiya City Museum and the Otani Memorial Art Museum.

How to get there: Get off Hankyu Railway at Shukugawa. 10 minutes on foot from there. Get off JR at Sakura Shukugawa. 7 minutes on foot from there. Get off Hanshin Railway at Koroen. 2 minutes on foot from there.
Closed: Monday during open seasons (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)