Introduces and memorializes the achievements of the poet Kyoshi Takahama.
On display are handwritten poems on scrolls, paper strips and other media, plus letters, manuscripts and other paraphernalia recounting the authorfs interactions with scholars and poets of the likes of Shiki Masaoka, Soseki Natsume and Hekigotou Kawahigashi. In the library, visitors can read the Hototogisu journal of poetry that has continued from 1897 to today, Kyoshifs writings, and books and journals on poetry.

How to get there: Get off Hanshin Railway at Ashiya. 15 minutes on foot from there. Take the Hankyu Bus from Hankyu Ashiyagawa or JR Ashiya to Tennis Court Mae. 7 minutes on foot from there.
Closed: Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday), standard new years holidays, mid-August