The museum is located in the historic cultural zone of Itami and is adjacent to the Kakimoribunko Library that houses one of three largest collections of haiku poems in Japan. The building itself features white-washed walls reminiscent of the sake brewing years of yesterday in a modern style. At the core of the collection are satirical blockprints and oil paintings by Honore Daumier, sculptures by James Ensor, oil paintings by Raoul Dufy, and modern American art. Visitors can also enjoy original artworks and exhibitions that bring Japanese artists into perspective.

How to get there: Get off Hankyu Railway at Itami. 9 minutes on foot heading northeast from there. Get off JR at Itami. 6 minutes heading northwest from there. Take a City Bus or Hankyu Bus to Itami Honmachi Teiryusho. 3 minutes on foot heading north from there.
Closed: Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday), during exhibit takedown and setup (10/14 - 10/17, 11/25 - 11/28)